The World's First Italian Edibles

Mammamia is a new line of Cannabis edibles based in Los Angeles, designed to transport you to the old country with just one bite. Each collection invites you to explore the unique vibe of a new alluring destination.

Chef Simone

Ciao! I'm Simone, the man behind Mammamia, ready to take you on a tasty adventure across my Italy.

Picture this: Salerno, near the Amalfi Coast, where I grew up in the family kitchen. Dad stuck to Italian classics, but my Nonna? She was the rebel, blending innovation with tradition. So, while I love Italian customs, my taste buds love exploring.

At 22, curiosity led me to Indonesia, a wild journey! My friend and I even opened an Italian spot in Bali called Zibiru. A crazy ride, a reality crash course, yet we conquered. As a restaurant owner, riding waves daily, soaking in island vibes - those were some of my life's best moments.

Back in Italy, I formalized my culinary training at Gualtiero Marchesi's school. His kitchen was a mix of creativity and discipline a culinary artistry that left a mark.

Then came Los Angeles, chasing the American Dream with a surfboard. While hustling in the restaurant world, my plans to open a place of my own took a detour when a cannabis-infused edible crossed my path. Great experience, but taste? Nightmares! I thought, "We don't need to live like this!" And so, MAMMAMIA was born!

This company is the fusion of all my passion and training, a journey to share the diverse tastes, vibes, and culture of my Italian home. Dive into what we've crafted, experience Italy through our products, and say: “Mammamia, this is sooo good!”